Hear from the most influential marketing leaders in the student housing industry as they share their insights, ideas, and stories on how to win and retain students. Hosted by Matt Pavlick, President of GRO.


EP 12: Sarah Maxson - How To Successfully Lease Up A Student Housing New Development

Sarah Maxson, New Development Specialist at CA Ventures, joins host Matt Pavlick to discuss everything you need to know to successfully lease up a student housing new development. Sarah dives into market research, timing, building a winning leasing team and discovering/building the perfect leasing office. We also chat about her college experience and how being a Division 1 athlete shaped her into the successful person she is today.

EP 11: Rachel Notowich - Key Components of a Successful Student Housing Digital Marketing Program

Rachel Notowich, Director of Marketing & Communications at GMH Communities, joins host Matt Pavlick to discuss the integral components of a successful student housing digital marketing program. This insightful episode is loaded with tips for planning, messaging, paid advertising, influencer collaborations, measuring results, team/agency communication and more.

EP 10: TikTok Advertising Updates for Student Housing

**Flash Episode** (12 mins) Matt Pavlick breaks down TikTok’s newest ad updates to help student housing marketers decide whether to invest or not invest in TikTok ads for the 2023 fall leasing season. Some updates are big wins and others are setbacks. Listen now.

EP 09: Everything You Need To Know About GA4

We’re just DAYS away from Google’s massive shift from Universal Analytics to GA4, a change carrying enormous implications for student housing websites. It will fundamentally reshape how student housing marketers gather and interpret website data. Is your team ready for the big change? Justin Widmayer, the SVP of Agency Operations at GRO, joins the podcast to share all the major updates to GA4 student housing marketers should be aware of and provide actionable advice on preparing for the upcoming switch. This episode is a must-listen! Enjoy!

EP 08: Mastering Social Media for Student Housing

Delany Duke, Director of Digital Services at Landmark Properties, has become a trailblazer in the student housing sector by mastering the art of social media. Delany recounts how a Facebook advertisement ignited her passion for the industry and discusses how to craft a compelling, impactful, and authentic social media content strategy. In this thought-provoking episode, Delany delves into the nuances of user-generated content (UGC), employee-generated content (EGC), post scheduling, themes, and the TikTok algorithm.

EP 07: Increased Marketing Budgets and Where To Invest Your Extra Ad Dollars

**Flash Episode – Only 14 Minutes!** Student Housing Communities all over the country are getting the green light to spend more marketing dollars to make that extra push to reach 100% or catch up to the market. Host Matt Pavlick shares his opinions on where you and your teams should invest your new marketing dollars.

EP 06: Atish Doshi - The Black Sheep

Atish Doshi, the President and Founder of The Black Sheep, has built one of the most reputable influencer marketing agencies in the student housing space. Atish discusses his career in student housing and provides insight into how to craft the perfect client / influencer relationship. Other topics discussed: Field marketing, secret shopping, NIL, and TikTok developments.

EP 05: Madison Mitchell - LV Collective

Madison Mitchell, Regional Lease Up Manager at LV Collective, has an impressive track record of building all-star leasing teams that have produced successful lease-ups in some of the most competitive college markets in the United States. Madison discusses her journey in student housing and provides valuable insight into the key components of building a rockstar leasing team. 

EP 04: Rami Kalla - Point in Time Studios

Rami Kalla, President and Founder of Point in Time Studios, discusses his 20+ year career running a video production agency that specializes in creating animations, renderings and fully-immersive virtual reality experiences for student housing communities. Rami provides a ton of insight into what it takes to create a successful animation package for new devs including the process, timeframes, and key personnel. He also shares his thoughts on the metaverse and when we should expect to use it in our everyday lives…spoiler…it’s much sooner than you may think.

EP 03: Allison Park - Trinitas Ventures

Allison Park, SVP of Marketing at Trinitas Ventures, discusses her career in student housing and provides advice on what it takes to build the perfect client-agency relationship (Truth, Trust, Transparency, Education, and Proactiveness). “We’re no longer investing in services. We’re investing in partnerships.” She also talks about experiencing a crazy, unexpected takeover at one of her properties and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

EP 02: Justin Widmayer - Setting Yourself Up For Marketing Success This Fall Leasing Season

Justin Widmayer, SVP of Agency Operations and Partner at GRO, joins Matt and shares his insight into how student housing marketers can set themselves up for success for the Fall 2022 leasing season. Topics discussed: What your marketing mix should look like, which conversions are important to track, how much you should pay for a conversion and what you can do to improve conversion rates, the battle of branded vs non branded keywords (paid search), social media ad platform updates and more.

EP 01: Jason Fort - Asset Living

Jason Fort, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Asset Living, discusses his career in student housing that spans four decades (‘90s-‘20s) and the evolution of marketing along the way. Jason also dives into his current role in business development and shares how he sources and wins management deals for Asset.

EP 00: The Intro

Welcome to The Student Housing Marketing Podcast! Host Matt Pavlick gives a brief introduction of the podcast and what you can look forward to in the months to come. Episode 1 drops in October. Stay tuned and thanks for listening to the SHMP!

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